Technical Guide Borlänge Tour
XCO C2 + UCI Junior Event
Borlänge, Sweden 2023

This technical guide is a summary of the invitation written i swedish. It consist all the nessecary information for the comeptitors to participate in the event. Altough there might be some information there's not been translated so don't hesitate to contact the race manager if you have any questions regaring the event.


Saturday 17 June, 2023

Event location
Mellstaparken, Borlänge, Sweden,

Borlänge Cykelklubb, Ekorrstigen 3, 784 50 Borlänge, Sweden,

Class of Event
Elite Men and Elit Women – UCI class 2
Junior Men and Junior Women – UCI Junior Event
To be run under UCI Regulations
National 3-days event including Youth and Masters will take place on the course in connection with the races (16-18 June).
Note. It’s only the race on Saturday, the 17th, that is on the UCI calendar (UCI C2)

Prize list
According to UCI rules, following prize money (euro, €) is paid.
M/W Elit M/W Junior
1st 250 80
2nd 200 65
3rd 150 50
4th 125 30
5th 100 20
6th 90
7th 80
8th 70
9th 60
10th 50
Foreign riders that receive price money will have to fill in a form on site to get the money transfered to their account.
All participants will have to state their account when register to get prize money transferred.

Point scale
In accordance with the applicable UCI points scale for UCI class 2 and UCI Junior event.
M/W Elit M/W Junior
1st 30 20
2nd 20 18
3rd 15 16
4th 12 14
5th 10 12
6th 8 10
7th 6 8
8th 4 6
9th 2 4
10th 1 2

Race HQ
Mellstaparken, Borlänge, Sweden,
(secretariat, accreditation, press, anti-doping)

Secretariat opening hours
The secretary will be open Friday 16th 16:00 – 18:00 and Saturday 17th 10:00 – 11:00 for license check by UCI Commissar and collection of number bibs.
On Friday 16th the secretary will be located at the race arena “Paradisbacken”,
On Saturday 17th the secretary will be located at the race arena “Mellstaparken”,

Time keeping
Electronic timing with transponders will be used for all riders. For riders without own valid transponder – transponders will be available to rent from the organizations for 15 EUR (150 SEK).
If you want to rent a transponder, this is booked and paid in Sportstiming at the same time that you register for the race. If the transponder isn’t returned after the race, the person will be charged a fee of 100 EUR (1000 SEK).

Hubert Emans,, President of the Commissaries Panel.
Swedish Cycling Federation announces additional commissaries.

Registration and payment
All registrations shall be made through Sportstiming,, and payment made through the integrated payment system.
Registration fee:
M/W Elite 80 EUR (800 SEK)
M/W Junior 60 EUR (600 SEK)
Registration with normal fee until 11th June 23:59:59. After that the registration will be at double fee.
Registration will close 14th June 23:59:59 and it will not be possible to register after this time.

NOTE! You can only register for the complete tour (3 days), but it’s not mandatory to ride all 3 days. The registration fee remains the same regardless.

To be part of the seeding for start position the registration must be done latest Thuesday 13th June 16:00. Registration made after this time will not be part of the seeding and starting position will be determined by drawing lots.

Tech/Feed zone
Tech/Feed zones at designated areas. See arena maps at Sportstiming, - “Banor och träning”.
To enter tech/feed zone it’s mandatory to wear team colors.

There will be a medical center at the Race HQ

16:00 – 18:00    License check and collection of number bibs at Plättbacken arena

08:30 – 17:30    National races, youth, master. See time schedule at Sportstiming
10:00 – 11:00    License check and collection of number bibs at Mellsta arena
12:00 – 12:40    Course training
13:10                 Elite Women
13:10                 Junior Women
15:00                 Elite Men
15:02                 Junior Men

The race takes place on nice fast trails with short sections of electric light tracks, contains several short steep climbs and some technical sections. The track lap is approximately 7 km long and is run in a varying number of laps for the different classes. The course returns to the start and finish area several times and is run with a joint start (by class).
See course map at Sportstiming, - “Banor och träning”.

Special circumstances
Parts of the track run in a nature conservation area, which is why we ask you to observe the consideration required in such an area.

By registering for the for the race you also give your consent that name and photos will be published on social medias (,,, Facebook, Instagram and Sportstiming).

Race Committee
Race Manager Lars Hellman,, +46703001192
Assistant Race Manager: Roger Karlsson
Course Manager: Fredrik Dahlström
Other members of the Race Committee se Sportstiming,

Hamburgers, salads, beverage, coffee, snacks. Open daytime during the race. Payment made through Swish. International participants can pay with credit card or Swedish kronor (SEK).

Nearest Airport
Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN), 200 km

Nearest Railway Station
Borlänge C, 5 km

Nearest Hospital
Falu Hospital, 26 km

Best Western Gustav Vasa Hotel,
Elite Hotel Brage,
Quality Hotel Galaxen,
First Camp Mellsta,