MTB SWE Cup #8 - Hallbyrundan XCO

MTB SWE Cup #8 - Hallbyrundan XCO

UCI Cat2 Tech Guide

Hallbyrundan MTB XCO SWE CUP#8
Lördagen 17 september 2022

UCI Cat2 XCO race

The registration is done through, you will need your UCI-id and personal information to proceed. If you own a valid transponder for timekeeping (MyLaps ProChip FLEX or ProChip Classic) the transponder number is needed as well.

In addition to the XCO C2 race on Saturday, there will also be a national XCC race on Sunday. 

Saturday 17 September 2022

Event location
Axamo Hallbystugan 1, 555 94 Jönköping, Sweden

IF Hallby SOK Cykel

Class of Event
Elite Men and Elite Women - UCI C2
Junior Men and Junior Women - UCI C2
To be run under UCI Regulations

Price money
According to UCI rule is paid. 

Points scale
In accordance with the applicable UCI points scale for C2 events.
Pos Elit XCO Junior XCO
1 30 20
2 20 18
3 15 16
4 12 14
5 10 12
6 8 10
7 6 8
8 4 6
9 2 4
10 1 2

Race HQ
Hallbystugan (Main house)

License check, race numbers, secretariat, accreditation for Tech/Feed Zone, press, anti-doping

Opening Hours Secretariat:
Friday 17:00-19:00
Saturday 08:00-17:30
Sunday 08:00-15:00 

NOTE: Saturday 10:00-12:00 license check and race numbers

Electronic timing with transponders will be used for all riders. For riders without own valid transponder, transponder is available from the organization. Valid transponders are MyLaps ProChip FLEX and ProChip Classic.

President of the Commissaires Panel; Heikki Dahle (UCI), Norge, +4790103509,
Swedish Cycling Federation additional commissaire; Mikael Nystrand, +46725169191

Shall be done Sunday 11th of September Then double registration fee, latest possible registration is 15th of September at 12:00 pm. If the registration is received no later than Tuesday 16.00 before the competition day, the cyclist is included in the seeding (takes place on Tuesday after the UCI's ranking update).

Registration fee 500 SEK (50 EUR) for elite and 350 SEK(35 EUR) for junior. All registration is done via Sportstiming.

NOTE! Sundays national XCC race is open for registration for everyone (separate entries), no UCI category race.

Team manager meeting
Will be held as online meeting, Friday at 18:00 hour. Link to online meeting:

Friday 18:00, Team manager meeting. Online meeting.
Friday from 18:00, Training on course (not official). 
08:45-12:00, 16:00-17:30 National races, youth, seniors, masters
10:00-12:00  License check and collection of number bibs
12:00-12:30 Official Training on course
12:30 Elite Men, 70-90 min race duration
12:33 Junior Men, 60-75 min race duration
14:30 Elite Women, 70-90 min race duration
14:32 Junior Women, 60-75 min race duration
National XCC races(not UCI), included Elite and Junior.

Located next to the Axamo airport, city of Jönköping at Hallbystugan. The lap is approx 4,4km for Elite/Juniors and consist of 3 loops. Several tough short climbs, poor rest and about three places where there are A and B tracks (Kings Landing, RollerCoaster and a rock garden “Stenkistan” (Swedish)).

Race Map